Singer Maleke Idowu rubbishes Buhari and Atiku in Instagram post

Nigerian musician, Maleke Idowu has called out President Buhari and Atiku Abubakar over their ambitions for 2019. The former executive director of entertainment under ex-governor Adams Oshiomole made mention of how Nigerians are tired of recycled politicians and those that are not credible enough.

Maleke Idowu wrote on IG:

”Leadership is a function of the people. Looking at the global trend today, young people are pushing the envelope and Nigeria must not be left out. Leaders are supposed to be servants who push hard to put food on the table of citizens. Leaders are supposed to be selfless so citizens can have a better life. It’s time for Nigerians to wake up and act up, grow some “balls” and kick out the old guard to secure what remains of the future. All old politicians, no matter how “Articulate” must leave for those who can “Innovate”. And If Buhari should declare his intention to run for office in 2019, that will be the end of APC. I appreciate our loyalty to the country, but we must make it clear that this election is not about any party of political class. All that counts is the credibility of the candidate involved. 
We are tired of politicians like Atiku decamping from one party to another. Nigerians want to vote for a credible individual not party loyalty or personalities. 
Buhari has failed and yes we the musicians that sang for him have also failed! So any intention of ruling us again should be shelved. 
I’m using this medium to also call out every Nigerian entertainer that campaigned for political parties in 2015 to check their scorecard and be honest with themselves. If the people you campaigned for are not performing please speak up for the sake of your children and generations unborn. We can not allow the same of the same come 2019!

NB: We have already produced 60,000 copies of this Atiku CD to be distributed for free in this first phase and more will be  made as time goes on! 
Desperate people are more dangerous like Atiku abubakar, 
The campaign start now 
Face caps
Branding of vehicles 
Billboard, will be out soon ( We say no to ATIKULATION..) ”.

maleke idowu

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