Lol! What Rapper IcePrince said after performing at the Music Meets Runway 2014 event

The Music Meets Runway came into full gear later on into the event but one person wasn’t finding it all funny.

Ice Prince was amongst the first batch to perform and regardless of
his top status in the music industry, it didn’t really seem so last
night. So much that after he performed his first song, he paused to say,

“Omo na wa o…i felt i was performing to myself. Its better
on the street…[the street appreciation is better]…i’m not coming for a
fashion event again…i didnt know it was like this o.”

Luckily, his next track must have restored the consciousness back
into the crowd or put fear in them, whichever way, it worked as they
rocked and danced to his hit track, ‘Oleku’.


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