LOL! Read how this Ebola survivor caused commotion in church last Sunday

Who is in for some early morning laughter…found this hilarious report on ThisDay newspaper and decided to share.

One of the health attendants that attended to the Liberian Patrick
Sawyer, but survived the ravages of the disease, allegedly caused
commotion in her church last Sunday.

According to reports, the young woman (name withheld) had stepped out to testify to the goodness of God in her life.

When it was her turn to share her testimony with the
congregation, she sang and thanked God for helping her survive the
ailment and testing negative to Ebola. Everyone allegedly joined in
clapping and thanking God on her behalf. 
However, when it was time for
her to return the microphone to the pastor to call the next person, a mild drama ensued.

The Pastor said she should handover the microphone to the next
person, but the next person shifted back and refused to collect it.

Ebola survivor tried to hand the microphone over to other testifiers but
they also declined, claiming that they would testify later.

Pastor: Don’t worry, give the microphone to the next person.
Next person: (shifts back) Nooo, give it to pastor.
Ebola testifier: Pastor, take your microphone, he is not collecting it.
Pastor: Give it to the sister behind him.
Sister: Shuuooo! I don forget my testimony, may be next week.
Ebola testifier: Pastor, if you are not ready to collect the microphone, I will put it on the floor (heading back to her seat)

The sister
had to put the microphone on the floor. Before she could turn back to
return to her seat, almost everyone around her in the church had jumped
outside to escape contracting the disease.


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