Lizzy Anjorin tells why being a single woman is terrible

Here’s what Lizzy Anjorin shared on her Instagram page moments ago;

Choose wisely, Career or Family woman? Single women sleeps alone,
pay bills alone, they most times turn to enemies like friend to share
their secrets, their pillow is their soul mate, sm of these single
ladies ve kids and sm don’t ve, sm got duped by the so called married
men to put food on the table for his family…

Dont envy ur single friend bcos she’s more successful than u, dnt
fight with your hubby bcos u want to be single like your friend; u
assumed she doing better than u.. walahi I pity u, bcos the bills she
shoulders alone as a single lady is heavier than container, you are bn
mislead bcos of her flamboyant life style. Behold, single life is
terrible! it’s only meant for ladies with iron heart, believe me it’s
worst than hell. ‎

Back to single ladies; bcos your friend’s husband bought her a
new car, house, or he’s very rich: you also want to get married by all
means.. Omo! I laugh in Spanish bcos some of those married women u are
seeing are going through hell, some of their hubby are so terrible that
when devil see them, ESU himself will take a bow, some hubby has slept
with their maid, some talk evil against their wife bcos they want to
sleep with their wife’s friends or relatives, some are so fetish that
they hav turn the house to shrine, some will bring another woman to
their matrimonial bed, some even spend quality time in club, some can’t
even deal with his wife sleeping in his room for overnight, some would
beat his wife like kampala, but bcos of her endurance ..

Mr man will want to shower her with some ojuaye gifts
trust my ladies they won’t tell u those horrible things their hubby
does they will only give u the good news; OMG!! Baba yi just got me 2018
range, we are moving to ogede Island next week. If only u know what the
alakori is going through …

Anyways, we should all prepare for what we want, close your eyes
and do it; single Ladies should not envy married women and married ones
should not see single Ladies as their role model.. Let’s be contented
with what we have and be thankful for everything -tag a frend dat need


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