Lilian Esoro dumps Ubi Franklin, cancels wedding plans

After the back and forth, the intrigues and funny-business, it is
widely believed that the engagement of CEO of MMMG (Made Men Music
Group), Ubi Franklin- to actress, Lilian Esoro, has been cancelled.

Although we’ve not been able to get any form of official
confirmation, the grapevine heavily suggests that the pair’s engagement
is over.

It is believed that Lilian was not anticipating the proposal, and
when it happened, she had no choice but to respond affirmatively.
She reportedly declined Ubi’s offer right after the frenzy of the
engagement, and afterwards, she deleted her Instagram page and Ubi’s
Lilian even went as far as writing on her Blackberry messenger’status that she was not yet engaged.
Subsequently, after reportedly being placated, she restored the
account, but however, failed to bring back the pictures of her supposed
Feelers indicate that the trip to London was a fence-mending one, but
it failed to work, and once they returned back home, she allegedly
returned the ring to Ubi.
So far, Lilian has refused to speak publicly on the matter, while Ubi couldn’t be reached as he’s away on tour with Iyanya.

Oh by the way, Ubi Franklin posted a not-so-cryptic message on Instagram:

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