Lady Welcomes Twins After Bleeding For 2 Months Of Pregnancy Rejected By Boyfriend (photos)

A Nigerian lady, who started bleeding on and off from the 5th
month to the 7th month of her pregnancy got rejected by her boyfriend..
Now she has welcomed twins who she couldn’t help but show off on social

According to her, the twins spent 2 months in the incubator and are already smiling in the photo she’s shared..

She wrote; “To the world @ large I can’t say it all, its just
been God . sometime around June we found out we were pregnant and like
every normal girl would do we called d man responsible and his response
was cold, later we had to involve our families , his family also gave a
cold response , we only thought it was normal and with time dey would
come around and all to no avail.

As time went on we knew we were alone in this.

Started bleeding @ 5 month on and off and @ 7 months d bleeding
continued . we went to d hospital having nothing . but God used the
Doctors on duty to perform a miracle surgery.

We entered the theatre @ abt 1pm on d 17th of Nov 2016, the kids came
out around 5pm and d doctors and their mum fought for her life. The
kids spent 2 months in d incubator and God gave US Victory . Mother and
Babies are doing so well.

Family and friends join me as I celebrate my sons(KINGS) as they turn
one(1) today. My God is a God of Wonders. Indeed he is EKWUEME”


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