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Lady who survived an accident narrates her experience (pictures)



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Below is a testimony from Okoli Ezinne who cheated death after she survived an accident last year. She recounted her experience on social media. Read below.


This morning i was just filled with tears, tears of gratitude. Around mid October last year I had an accident, a very serious one. But Mercy said No. My mum would usually say, the devil came late, he really did. Am alive to celebrate another birthday, its not by my grace but by His. If I don’t talk about his Mercies in my Life, who will? Its not like am d best church goer, or that I dont sin, or that I pray always, wen I was in my hospital bed i kept on asking these questions. Like what did I even do to deserve this goodness, this unadulterated Love from the Lord? A common sinner like me? Oh Jesus! what would I have done without you? Uve been so good to me. Others have accident and die, others have accident and worse things happen to them, though ihad a deep injury but I can still walk with my two legs. How do I even start thanking you? I had different thoughts about sharing this pics, but at the end I decided to share it, so u guys will understand how deep the injury was, and thank this God for me, He is indeed wonderful. Pls nobody should feel sorry for me, am healed now and better. You can just comment by praising the Lord in any language you want. Thanks. For e.g “thank you Jesus” nobody should write,” eiya its a pity, or sorry”. I am fine now pls. Normally i wouldnt have shared this but My purpose of sharing this is that I want you to testify with me on the goodness of this God.
To my family, relatives, aunties and uncles who were there for me, thanks I really appreciate.
To my friends, the ones who called, texted, came to see me, thank you so much especially my eify, who was really really there for me I LOVE YOU. You have no idea how much I appreciate those moments. Then to the ones that knew and made little or no effort in calling, dont worry, its still OK, I forgive. Who am I to bear grudges kwanu? Hmm, wen God can forgive a sinner like me and save me. To my mum– Even in my next life, I would still choose you as my mum, you’re wonderful. You’re my everything. I LOVE YOU with everything thats in me. I’ll make you proud. I love you to infinty mama❤❤ Thank you so much.��
Happy birthday To me”.


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