“Ladies, when you shake men, make it firm!” Olayode Juliana dishes out advice to women

Former Jenifa’s diary star Olayode Juliana aka Toyosi has dished out
some solid advise to ladies, using her experience today as a yardstick.

Toyo baby as she is fondly called who recently added a feather to her
cap by authoring a book shared her experience at a club tonight while
on an errand to a Suya spot.
Olayode Juliana
According to Juliana, she lodged herself in a hotel in preparation
for an event tomorrow and stepped out to get her self some refreshment.
Surprisingly, she was recognized by the hotel manager and some other
further narrates how she proceeded to give the hotel manager a very
firm handshake, shocking the man who expected some feminine hand
gripping ritual.

Toyo baby advises ladies to build up their confidence and learn to
look the men folk in the eye when they converse; “If you shake a man,
make it firm” she preached as she begged her co ladies to build up their


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