Ladies, no guy wants a ‘National cake’ – J’odie on sex and virginity

‘KuchiKuchi’ crooner and African woman, J’odie once said revealed she’s a virgin and would only lose it on her wedding night. She has talked more about it in a recent interview, enjoy below:

“The question of sex and virginity is a private one…Now – to the crux, there are many people out there who don’t know who
they are or where they are going. Forget the media hype and paparazzi:
if people would truthfully bare their inner thoughts, no one wants to
stay with someone who is “the national cake”. 

Keep your privates to
yourself and your wedded partner. Forget all that “new age” or “modern”
talk on sex and virginity. It may look “cool” to be a sexually loose
person on television or magazines, but in real life, people actually
respect those who have self control. If the whole world says virginity
is archaic, would you want your daughter/son to “go with the flow”?

I don’t take-in everything I see/read on the media…some people who
air certain controversial views don’t all air them because they believe
in their lip confessions…sometimes it’s to control other people who
don’t want to make use of their minds…some even do so just to have more
Facebook or Twitter “likes” – such superficial or shady motives seems to
be powering the voice of the crowd. But even if it takes centuries,
“truth” will be truth.”

You agree with her?

You can read full interview (HERE)


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