Kunle Afolayan finally tells why he doesn’t feature his brothers in his movies

In a recent interview with a national newspaper, movie producer and
director, Kunle Afolayan, revealed why he rarely features his brothers –
Gabriel and Aremu – in his movies.

would be a wrong casting if I feature my brothers in a movie because I
want them to be a part of the production. I know some families in the
industry that does that and I have explained it to them before. It is
absolutely wrong casting.
I can’t imagine me playing the role of a
policeman in a movie, while Gabriel plays the criminal. It is very
wrong. The only way you can justify such casting is if he plays my
brother. Even if we are both playing roles that are not linked in a
movie, professionally, it is wrong. The Wayans brothers for instance,
play the role of brothers in all their movies. Dharmendra and his
children in any Indian movie would play father and children and the same
goes for Amitabh Bachchan and his children. It is only in this country
that a whole family plays diverse roles in one movie.
it is wrong and I will never do it. If I’m not in a film and I think
any of my brothers would fit into the movie, they will do it. Gabriel
understands because I have explained to him several times.” he

The “October 1” movie producer  when asked “You recently posted on Facebook that you may not be long, what prompted that?” also said…
didn’t imply that, it was the media that turned it around. I was just
talking out loud. I just woke up and I felt overwhelmed, like I was
doing too much and I felt it wasn’t healthy. And at the end of the
statement, I said ‘what do you think?’ It was more or as if I was
seeking advice. I didn’t predict anything like people said. When it’s
time for me to die, I will die, nobody can predict anybody’s death. That
morning I just woke up and I felt I had pushed the body too much. I
just came back from a shoot and the next thing, I was off to another
one. My social life is dead and all I do often now is work and I don’t
think that is healthy. So it was just a thought, I didn’t predict my own
death. “

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