Kim Jong-Un’s sister swapped pen provided for signing the agreement(Photos)

For reasons best known to the North Korea’s government, Kim Jong-Un’s Sister swapped pen provided for signing the agreement during their historic US-North Korea summit, at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa island in Singapore

It appears the North Korea’s government is paranoid as his pen was carefully swabbed before the signing of the joint statement in Singapore.

Shortly, before Kim sat down with President Donald Trump to ink a joint statement after the first meeting between leaders of the two countries, Kim’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, reached in front of her brother wearing white gloves grabbed the black pen laid out for Kim’s use as she provided him with a different pen that she took from a pocket in her jacket.

Accordin to sources, the government is trying to avoid samples of his DNA from being within public reach

‘They are extremely careful about making sure that nobody gets any biological samples of him,’
‘Kim even reportedly travels with a portable toilet to prevent foreigners from getting hold of a stool sample that might reveal information about him.
Having reportedly murdered his uncle and banished political rivals to work camps, Kim also must take care to avoid threats to his own security.

At 30, Kim’s sister is a trusted advisor, and traveled to North Korea to represent the regime at the Olympics.

Kim’s care for his own personal security is also revealed in the retinue of armedbody guards who travel with him.

They formed a phalanx around him in Singapore and have been pictured surrounding his armored Mercedes limousine.

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