Kfber exposes conman who loves to swindle young Nigerian ladies of their money (photos)

Hi kemisola,

I would love to remain anonymous. I want to share my story so you can help me expose a conman I fell in love with. I met him four months ago on insta-message. We jelled instantly, met in person and started dating.

About a month into our relationship, he told me he had financial problems and he needs my help with raising a loan to finance a business. I agreed since he was my bf, I sold my phone, laptop and
borrowed from friends. I gave him the money and that was d last time I ever set my eyes on him.

Each time I call him to ask for my money he would tell me one story or another. Then one day I called him and he shouted at me and told me never to call him in my life. Few weeks ago, his new girlfriend called me after reading one of the msgs I sent to him asking for my money.

She told me he had also collected money from her too to finance a business. That was when I realized evrything he told me was a lie. He is con who deceives ladies into falling in love with him and he steals from them.

Am not his 1st victim coz he is so skilled at telling lies. Pls help me expose him to the world. He is
prolly someone looking for his nxt victim……his instagram handle is @drebaba8. His name is Ojo damilare Abiola. Pls help me stop him from stealing from another girl.

You can contact me on this email ********************Kemi pls this is not a lie, it happened to me for real.



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