#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! We all slept off…

How great is the Lord God Almighty
under whose wings we are secured. He alone can kill and can make alive. His
decision is final over all things. He preserved the lives of a family of three
generations traveling together.

You see, we left a vigil recently
around 5am on a Saturday to beat the traffic log ham that people experience at
such times.
We left the Lagos-Ibadan for
Abeokuta -five of us; grandma, a 76year old woman, my mother and us

Because the program was powerful, exciting and prophetic enough to bring the
best out of us, we did not sleep at all throughout the night. We planned to get
home in time and sleep till God- knows -when.

We were on Kobape road with few of us, motorists on the highway and one by one
we started dozing until we all slept.

I remembered mum was the only one awake driving before l gave in to slumber.

As mum would later tell us, she
wound up the side glass of the vehicle and this contributed to her sleeping
while driving.
Thank God, he touched one of us to
wake up and raise an alarm which woke everyone up when we were at a dangerous

Those who are familiar with that road will acknowledge that there is a long
valley stretched out for a kilometer or there about after the kerb into the
thick forest.

We were at this very place!

Mum was already on the kerb, only
God knew for how many meters, almost going into the ditch when God came in.

How would have dad known about or
received the news?

So terrible to leave to imagination.

What would the newspapers have
carried the following day?

I just wondered and shivered, ‘ A
family of 3 generations perished in a car crash’.

However, the handwriting of death
against us was wiped off for our sake.

Here l am, by HIS grace rewriting
the story of ‘Life and still living’.

I want to thank the Lord for the
privilege that none had cause to regret attending the vigil.
God honored the Word spoken by his
servant telling the people, who had gathered at the program, that the way back
to our destinations would be clear for us and that we should go in peace as
there would not be any mishaps.

And truly, this was confirmed in us-
we escaped death by the Word of God spoken through HIS messenger.  Please, join me to appreciate this God. Or how
would you have felt reading the other side of this story?

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