#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! My wife had no womb…

Hello kfbers and hi Kemi, I am a man that God has been good to. He ordered everything about my life and he changed my story to glory.
wife should have been the one giving this testimony but she may not be
able to bring into it the battles l faced and the fears l conquered.
Though, l tried, l really tried to put up a courageous outlook
throughout our waiting period for our happiness. For
several years of marriage with no child despite all attempts-medically
and spiritually. Our initial friends became our die-hard ‘divisor’. Even
now, l could say whether they meant well for me at that time.

 Thank God for the love l had for my wife then. It was and is still
God. Imagined being told by those you looked to for comfort and
encouragement, telling you not to bother any longer about your wife
ability or inability to have children of her own.Our doctors called me separately to tell me this. Friends also tagged
along same line. 

‘Well meaning’ family members wanted the best for me-to
have a child of my own. All their stand made me more disturbed than the
real issue. They thought they were helping me, not knowing they were
adding to my problem.
I am saying all this now because God came in and gave us joy. If it were not God…..
I would have broken under the weight of barrenness.
I would have laid this problem on my wife -alone.
I might have lost the affection for her…
I might have finally lost the miracle of having children between us…
I might have lost the privilege of testifying to the power of God.
I thank God again.
She, l mean my wife, went for the Holy Ghost service five years ago – (about 15 years into our marriage).
She received a prophecy that ‘…in the next 9 months, a woman here will have twins..’
She keyed into it and as it was given, she became pregnant almost immediately.
She went to the hospital for scan to be told it was a single baby.
My wife affirmed her faith telling them that what they saw was not to be, she was going to have twins.
When the time came to be delivered of the babies, behold they were twins – a boy and a girl.

I feared for her having problems with labour so l signed in for a
cesarean operation. I did not want to hear that anything went wrong with
her or the babies.
But the greatest miracle is our total escape from barrenness.
Little did we know that, if not for God, she would never have had the babies as friends and relations had earlier feared.
The amazing thing God did was for the doctors not to have found a womb when they were told to ‘seal’ the womb up.
To everyone, how could a woman with no womb have become pregnant?
man’s reckon, it would not have been. They said it. Science showed it
to us. But God waved all these aside and intervened for us.
Only God could have made it possible. Only HE could have done it

us next Sunday for another soul lifting testimony…BTW, if you have got a
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