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#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! I didn’t stop bed wetting for 22 years…



the Lord.
For the Lord takes pleasure in HIS people. And l thank HIM for including
me among them.
I praise Him for His mighty acts. 
Initially, my problem looked just as normal for a kid. But by age 6 when
l grew conscious of it, l felt it would leave me quietly as it came.
I bed wet.
However, through secondary schools, l found it more embarrassing and
tedious labor getting up early to tidy up my corner so that it would not
smell by the time the whole hostel got up.
Still, they knew! 
Could such action be hidden?
I was the talk of discussion. Even if they were not discussing me, it
had made me lose my confidence.

Wherever l turned, l thought of fingers being pointed at my direction,
I lived with the shame for a long time.
What did l not try? From the advice that l should not take water from
evening to my following the unethical method of urinating into hot
charcoal and others did not help me.
The cross was much for me. I could not be traveling outside my domain so
as not to embarrass myself more.
 Let the problem be known within the
circle of the relations and the friends that were aware of it alone.
One day, with tears l called to the Lord to help me.
One scripture from the Book of Judges, chapter 6, verse 16 came to my
mind and ministered to me strongly. There God said ‘…Surely l will be
with you, and you shall smite the Midianites [my problem ] as one man’
I keyed into this, prayed it , declaring it to my situation until l
slept off.

This time l was 22years old and in a relationship which l had no
boldness in.
But thank God, He heard my cry that night.
The following morning happened to be my first day of not bed wetting in

 I still could not tell anyone.
It was after a week-straight seven days-l came to a full consciousness
of my healing.
Till date, l am free from the yoke with no formula but with the mercy
and Word of God.

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