#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! I was coughing non-stop for months

The lord e Lord is good and His mercy endures for ever.

has healed me many times before now that l said to myself the last time
that nothing would shake my faith from hanging  on Christ Jesus. 
would wonder at my saying. I had experienced the power of God in the
area of healing that went beyond human reasoning. And l had thought no
illness would cause me to run from pillar to post again.
happened l found myself coughing from October 2014. I had thought it
was ordinary one caused by dryness in the throat. So l began taking more
water. l wanted to believe God for healing like He did in the past.
Besides, l had series of warnings before October but l did take them lightly, just muttering shallow prayers.
When the cough came and l did not think of taking cough syrup, l knew later that it had to be an attack. 
That was how I managed it till January this year, even when it became more serious and embarrassment to me.
day, l developed a high fever with it.l sent for malaria drug on our
street. Took it and became well, so l thought. On the fifth day, the
fever came in full swing. I checked the pack, saw that it was fake.God!
I had to go meet a doctor who ran some tests on me and told me l had to be admitted right away.l had typhoid fever.
I was downcast. Me? To sleep in the hospital? Nothing wrong with that really but l have a phobia for hospital.
If the Doctor had treated me an outpatient, even to tell me to be coming for the next three days.l would not have minded. I left for home, called a medical personnel friend who came to attend to me.
felt relieved for two days. But my chest on the right side was now
painful from the effect of long cough.l was in pains despite applying
balm to the area.
I decided right there that night that l would go for admission at the hospital the following morning.
before l slept l called on the Lord, reminding Him of all the past
victories He had given me. I was telling Him this ailment was much.
Could it be greater than the previous ones?
 Thank God, He hears when we call on Him and when we acknowledge what He did in the past.
was how in my dream, l found myself in the RCCG Camp. I was there very
early so  that l looked for and got a very good place.
God, He used daddy GO Adeboye for me. When the auditorium was full in
the night time. Daddy came to me and prayed for me  touching the  upper
chest area.
 That was how
l received total healing from cough and its attending health issue. l
got up with no more pains.And now l have been free, three weeks now. 
God is covenant keeping God.
He touched me and now l sing,
God is the One that healeth me.
He is the Lord my Healer.
He sent His Word that healed me from my disease. 
He is the Lord my Healer.
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