#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! I had a dead body in my womb

Hi Kemi, happy new year. I trust you are fine. My God is good oh. Eh, HE is good oh. Help share my short testimony with kfbers, thanks.
I went to the Abuja Special Holy Ghost Service of the RCCG of 2013 with a dead baby in my womb.
I ran to Christ Jesus to intervene. 
Daddy G O Adeboye prophesied my case. He said that every single dead thing was coming back to life. I
shouted the biggest Hallelujah , weeping with joy that God could pay
attention to my case among the large number of people present.
not, among thousands of worshippers and seekers of God with their
varying degrees of needs, mine could be among the prophesies given . I
did not go to or see Daddy G O personally, but God Who brought us
together for the rally heard my secret cries and sent HIS Word. 
With this strong hope or do l say faith, l went home thanking God. I was half way home when l noticed some movements in my womb. I
was greatly afraid. Could it be so sudden?  God, is this a way You
answer people when You want. That before the word (their request) comes
out of their mouths, You have answered them. I can not praise You
enough, my God.
November 2014, l went back to God on the same Camp ground with my baby
that was once dead in the womb, alive, hale, hearty and bouncing to the
praise of the Almighty God.  See what the faithful and gracious God did for me. I am blessed to know this God Who is compassionate and truthful.  Glory be to HIM.

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