#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! I got the job of my dream in an unexpected way…

Hi Kemi,
I have a testimony and l want to use your blog as a medium of testifying to the greatness of God.
years, 7years to be precise, l worked in a company where l was
underpaid. There, we had no organizational structure so promotion was out
of it.
prayer point every year since 2008 has been a good husband and better
I prayed and prayed,yet there was no result . After a while l gave
up on God and stopped praying and tithing.
relationship with God became an on and off affair. This moment l would
go to church, do double tithing and abstain from sins. The next moment l
would be living my life as l pleased. I believed that God did not want
to answer me. Towards the later part of last year, l was still  living
my life as it pleased me. I only went to church whenever the mood dictated.
l want to tell you that God is merciful  and His compassion is great. He
just decided to pick me up, bathe me and put ornament of remembrance
upon me. Before l knew it, God blessed me with a job, l mean a job where l
was earning 3times my former salary and where promotion is steadily
 moving. This was two years ago.
I just want to use this opportunity to encourage everyone out there that
God surely answers, it might take a while but he surely does and he
never forgets us. 
I am still looking up to him for a husband but l am no
longer deterred. I believe that God has the best for me even at HIS own
time which is the best time. Should the devil try to make me doubt HIM,
it is late now. I have experienced God’s miracle first hand and l have
learnt to depend on Him. 
If God says,’Yes’ nobody can say,’No and that
if he is not saying yes now it is because it is not yet time. His Word
says, ‘For l know my thoughts towards you are thoughts of good to bring
you to an expected end’. 
He will never forsake us.


You can send in your testimony too to [email protected]

Happy New Month kfbers, this February will be awesome for us all, amen 🙂 xoxoxoxooxo!


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