#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! I rolled off a speeding Okada

People, who love God, help me
praise the Lord. HE delivered my soul and body from the hand of the avenger. I
saw this one, experienced it and l want to declare that God is the great God who
saves and delivers from the hand of the enemies.
I boarded an ‘okada’ of an
overzealous rider home last week. I had noticed he was a rough rider, so l
cautioned him more than once. Yet, he would not yield.

He was speeding and competing with a car owner
who also was raining venom upon him. Before l knew what was happening, I fell off the bike and rolled down on the road, placing me in the mouth of a vehicle.
That time, l could not quickly
think of anything, not sure of where l was nor what l should do. Time was
around 21:00 hrs. There was a traffic snarl. I wanted to get home in time
because l was new at the area. 
I do not like night crawling, but
where l went was for my mental upgrading. You can now see my plight. I thank
God the Almighty for when l passed through the shadow of death, l feared no
evil.  Not that l deliberately not exercise
fear of the evil before me, but l was oblivious of such. 
I was still lying there in the
middle of the road when a man’s leg came around me and kicked me off out of the
road to the kerb. I heard a car just at that instant zoomed passed me. An Angel
was used to save me from the fiercely-looking front tyres almost about to maul
Still l did not understand the
intensity of the danger l was until l heard the cries of the passersby
expressing concerns about my safety. It was then l became conscious of my
situation. I tried to get up but found pain written all over me-my right hand
side ached, l had bruises on some parts of my body. People were just showing
empathy, none could help me take action when l needed one. 
That was when God arose for me, got
a Samaritan who called a cab, paid the correct fare on my behalf and told the
man to take me home after he got my details. Only God could have done this-after
removing my body from being harm. HE sent 2 Angels to attend to me. 
One to kick
me out of danger and the other to see to l got home safely This God o, na big
God and the Most powerful Who can do all things. Praise the Lord.

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