#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! He insisted I spent the night in his house…died hours later

Ah, uhm! I took a long breath.

Looking back to my life as an adolescent, l have to say, ‘Thank You, my Father in Heaven’
I was introduced to Christ early and my family background helped me to an extent.
However, God helped me all the way.
Then was a young man who wanted to marry me. We were dating right,with no strings…
Hope you understand me.
this day came that l had to choose between him and  God kingdom. A
determining factor to what would have become of me today!
We were together till around 8pm, l was torn lingering around him, yet a part of me desired to go for the vigil for that day.
He was imploring me to stay and sleep over, at least he wanted to marry me, he said.
We both were going to the same church. His friends were also imploring me to stay, telling me l was too spiritual.
God for His Spirit at work and also for God using my Pastor then to
tell me the type of man that l would eventually marry. The man of God
was always telling me to pray more, especially in the area of marriage
because at that time he did not yet see my husband-to-be around me.
But, God, here was a man professing his love to me and l had some measure of feelings for.
As l was saying, l left for the night service. I want to believe it was under the power of the Holy Spirit that l left.
the morning, the unexpected had happened. The man alive the day before
had made his bed with the dead. It was hid from me by my people and his
I planned to go and meet him after resting only to see my people making some fuss over me.
Even his friend had to say something else when l accosted him while he was passing by.
The rest is story.
But now l thank God for some things out of it all.
Imagine the name l would have been given, if l had stayed the night with him and he died while l was there.
Would l ever be able to clear myself of any complicity?
Would l ever be able to live a normal life afterwards?
Even when his death shook me to the marrow, it was God that helped me out.
is because there was a letter he had written to me some months before
he died pouring his mind to me. Any time l read the letter after his
demise, l would see him standing before me. Things got so bad that
everyone became worried about me.
Until my Pastor through the Holy Spirit had to ask me if l had anything of his with me.
first, l claimed innocence of this until l remembered this letter of
his  that l was always attracted to and was always leading me further
down the valley of depression.
Immediately l burnt the letter in the presence of my people, l had a relief. He no longer appeared to me.
today, as l meditate on all that the Lord has done, picking my life up
from chaos, from a-life -time cage, l decide to share this.
First, to appreciate God’s intervention where l had least expected.
And also for men and women to fear God and learn from this life story.
Today l am settled by God Almighty, having a family
Not long after, the people got to see and know of the truth surrounding his death.

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