#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! The purported robbery incident made me a champion :)

‘Hi Kemi, kindly help share my testimony with kfbers. 

are the Pillar that holds my life. Master Jesus, You are the Pillar.
I was driving on the highway when l was double crossed by a vehicle with
three men inside. 

Their action was a case of mugging-either armed robbery or of
assassination attempt in a broad day light. 
My God is good oh,
Eh, HE is good oh weluwelu.
I sing now and has been singing since then.
Why? What came after the scene, made me a ‘champion’.

Immediately, l saw them l did not think straight. At that time, l was
subconscious. In that frame of mind, l swerved or let me say, l saw
myself swerving.

Before my very eye, the car was turning and turning. I
lost grip of the car, l was no longer in control. Severally the car
turned and stopped. 

I bowed my head on the steering wheel and said
Jesus. I heard people, both passersby and the others clapping in ecstasy. I wondered and came out, looked around me and leaned on the
vehicle, not believing what had just happened.
The people continued to shower me with praises, thinking l was putting up the
display of professionalism in driving. 

What they did not know was that, Someone supernatural waded in, took charge of the whole thing. His hand
stopped the oncoming and the ongoing vehicles. None came around me.
It’s still like a dream. 

I got the facts of the actions l have just told you from the onlookers. l
really did not know what happened. Even the attackers had disappeared
into the thin air on seeing what followed their attempt. 

What should have been death for me turned to life and more than
that-people cheering me and not mourning me or shaking their heads on a
lifeless body.
I saw GOD at work and l told them it was not me but Jesus, the Son of
the Living God. 

He gave me another opportunity to live-not die in the
hand of the would-be attackers or in the thick accident clouds. l say
today and will continue to say HE IS GOD.”


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