KFB Movie Review: The first scenes in ‘The Department’ would almost put you off

me start by saying that the first scene of this movie reminded me of the female
gang crime movie, “Most Wanted”. Do you all remember that thrilling movie? I
bet anyone 20 years and above will.

 Okay, this is about The Department, I better
keep that in focus right now. This movie is indeed a break away from the norm
as Nigerian American star actress Osas Ighodaro blew my mind with her finesse
acting skills.

Majid Michel (Nnamdi
Okoye), Osas Ighodaro (Tolu Okoye), Desmond Elliot, O.C.Ukeje (Segun), Jide
Kosoko (Chief), Seun Akindele, Funky Mallam, Somkele Iyamah amongst others.

 Story: This unusually terrific
movie is a crime thriller cum love story from the stable of Inkblot productions
and Closer pictures.  

 Osas Ighodaro (Tolu
Okoye) played a lead role in “The Department” that constituted tactical young
experts for a secret corporate espionage based thriving company. The duty of
the “The Department was basically to cause liquidation for top executives of
any company Jide Kosoko (Chief), the man behind the Department is interested in

The leader of the team Osas Ighodaro
(Tolu) married Majid Michael (Nnamdi) who was  also a member of the
team….they decided to quit and move to Ibadan..

Their love was however soon tested with another operation with promises of a whopping
50 million naira for each of them. 

 The plot soon got twisted as the “Chief
blackmail”, Jide Kosoko was soon blackmailed by his driver’s daughter, Tolu
whom he invested in to become an espionage expert. 

The characters of this movie could not have
been better chosen as they were effortless in playing the roles. O.C Ukeje was
just too real as the coordinator of the group and the bad boy role he played
was effortlessly carried out. This movie was intriguing and suspense filled.
The background sounds were perfect in heightening the motions of everyone in
the cinema hall. The scene where Tolu had to wait for Chief to stop her husband
Nnamdi from being killed got me on the edge of my seat with my back
straightened at angle 90.

went wrong?
The first scene of this movie almost
discouraged me from watching it. It is absurd and unimaginable that a fatal
accident  could occur in an estate. Even
if it did, did the car hit itself or what? 

And then to make matters worse, Desmond Elliot allowed a dying man into his house in the middle of
night because he is a doctor or what? A Nigerian man with the profile of Desmond Elliot in
this movie would definitely have either a gate or a security officer to say the

Also, Seun Akindele was soooo fake in this movie, his fake accent
each time he had to converse with Osas Ighodaro was annoying.

Everything else was er, okay!

 You can watch trailer (HERE)


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