KFB Movie Review: Everything was fine till the movie ended ”Couple of Days”

To be honest, I didn’t actually think that this movie will be interesting until a friend of mine told me about it. I eventually watched the trailer on YouTube and va, va, voom headed to the Silverbird cinema last Sunday to watch it.

Synopsis: is a 2016 movie produced by Ayo Orimuyi, set in the
ancient city of Ibadan. The movie tells the story of three young couples
who takes a weekend break in one of their friend’s homes in Ibadan.
While they are vacationing in the ancient city of Ibadan, they
discovered a lot of hidden secrets and their happy break is ruined. They
realize their marriages are not as perfect as they think.

Starring: Lilian Esoro, Ademola Adedoyin, Enyima Nwigwe, Kiki Omeili, Okey Uzoeshi, Adesua Etomi, Olayode Juliana, Falz.
 ‘Couple of Days’ tells  a really good story.  It reminds me of Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?’ and the Best Man’s Holiday movie.

The script is tight, in a good way… most of
it.  It will entertain you… Meaning, while you
won’t be awed, you won’t come out feeling terribly disappointed at all
either, and that isn’t a bad thing at all. 

The acting was quite good. There was a lot of
passion from all the actors; everyone put up a good performance.

The quality was good too. Cinematography was alright. The scripting was
tight. No time wasting at all. “Almost” every scene gave up some
relevant information adding to the build up…except for a few scenes that were quite drawn out like when the couples visited the Agodi Gardens in Ibadan! They also took their time to show off Ibadan, which made me think
the Oyo State government might have coughed up some cash to boost the
budget.  They really wasted so much
time praising Agodi park and Linda Ikeji,
maybe they were part of the financing committee.

I must really commend Falz…he will make you laugh, well,
well, for sure! I only wish he had a more consequential part. I don’t
want my boy building a career as nothing else but a comic relief i.e not
another Dejó or Baba Suwe.

I have actually never seen Lilion Esoro-Franklin in any movie, this is my first time in seeing at one and she nails her role.

Not to mention Adesua Etomi, Okey Uzoeshi, Kiki Omeili and the others, brilliant acting.

Dan (Okey
Uzoeshi) and Nina (Adesusa Etomi) are the perfect happy couple. Nina(Adesua Etomi) is adorable; the newly wedded, wise and perhaps a tad naïve wife.

Jude (Enyinna Nwigwe) and his wife (Lilian Esoro) are tired of each other. Jude is always attached to his phone, speaking to his hawt P.A. while Cynthia(Lilian Esoro) is the bored paranoid housewife who spices up her
communication with her husband with secrets shared by her friends.

 Lanre (Demola Adedoyin) and his wife (Kiki Omeili) have the biggest issues.

Lanre is the aloof and melancholic killjoy. At first, we understand his
grief especially seeing as he’s married to Joke (Kiki Omeili).
Joke is the mouthed, stubborn wife whose mouth runs like a leaking
faucet. A lady on heat, perhaps seeing as her husband has been on an
abstinence mission for six months.

I loved the twist (where Joke and Jude shard a quickie romance), but come on, it’s not exactly possible in real life, is it? How do you kiss the wife of your friend knowing that your friend is in the next room and your wife in the other? But seriously, I found that part a bit hard to

On to the next twist; when I hear Cynthia say she’s sick; the first
thought that comes to my mind is oh crap, not the cancer card again. Fortunately or should I say unfortunately, it wasn’t. Apparently, it was something worse. Bipolar disorder, she was sick-in -the-head!

Moving on to the next twist that’s supposed to save the movie; Joke’s
many abortions that she and her doctor tried to hide from Lanre. This
one is a bit surprising especially as Lanre claims to have loved her all
his life. But while this confession is going on, I am waiting for the
part where Lanre gets to talk about Joke spending all the money meant
for his business. Money his friends loaned him, I believe. We heard nothing from that end.

To be honest, this movie would have been a great one if it had
ended on the scene of forgiveness.

But nah, at the very end of the
movie, they got greedy and traded in a rare opportunity to receive a
standing ovation from their audience.

The movie producer/director decided that everything just had to be
tied up neatly and still leave an opening for a second part of the
movie.A couple of days later?

For me, the end of this movie spoils whatever beauty resided in it

Not just me but many of us in the hall hissed!

Additional info: CinemaPointerBlog


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