KFB Movie! The chemistry between Chris Attoh and Dami Adegbite in ‘Flower Girl’ was ‘Awesome’

wow,  my favorite new actress is Damilola Adegbite….she completely nailed
her role in Michelle Bello’s ‘Flower Girl’ – awesome movie – and then
the chemistry between her and Chris Attoh was great…their love story
was beautiful just as it is in real life!

Flower Girl is a romantic comedy that was well executed with great cast!

It revolves around a story of Kemi (Damilola Adegbite)
who is dying to get married to Umar (Chris Attoh); a young man who is
desperate to get ahead in his career.

Kemi (Damilola
Adegbite) is an old-fashioned romantic who dreams of her own big day while
selling flowers for weddings – she works in her parents’ flower shop
and she dreams of becoming one of the happy married couples she sees
every day.

long time lawyer boyfriend Umar has promised to marry her
when he gets a promotion, but she is growing impatient. Still living
with her embarrassing parents, she spends her nights in her room,
planning the wedding she hopes to have someday. Then comes the day that
she has been waiting for; Umar has got the promotion! However, when she
arrives expecting a big proposal, he breaks up with her instead.
When her fiancé (Chris Attoh) goes back on his
word to propose to her when he gets a promotion, she is so
upset….devastated, she goes on a delivery and unable to see where she
is going
through tears of grief, she gets hit by a car. 

As luck would have it, the accident involves a big
Nigerian star, Kunle Kujani (Chuks Chukwujekwu) and while Tunde tends to her wounds, Kemi breaks down and tells him about
her dilemma.
Tunde offers to help her get Umar to propose. between them they hatch the plot to pretend to be in love to
make that pesky fiancé jealous. They will pretend to be a couple to make Umar jealous and get him
back proposing on his knees….but the plan
doesn’t quite work out as they anticipate and soon they realise why people say
love is a funny thing’.

 Thumbs up:

 Flower Girl blends romance and comedy very well. The part that really cracked me up was when Sapphire played by 53 Extra‘s Eku Edewor engages
in a cat fight with Kemi at the airport and then all the phonay
(foreign accent) gives way to real Naija expletives with phrases like
“Your father” and Eku talking about who she is in her “area”.

Then there
is Kemi’s crazy best friend Stella (Bikiya Graham Douglas) who brings
out the fun factor throughout. And finally the casting of Chuks
Chukwujekwu who plays Nollwood actor Tunde Kulani is spot on. What is
romance without a handsome and smooth talking hunk?

The film scores high in beautiful cinematography and gives viewers a
visual treat of today’s Lagos.

Another high point is the steady flow of scenes unlike most Nolly flicks that drag on and end up having a Part 3.

Thumbs down:
The film’s success
is marred by the poor optimization of sound and a narrow musical
selection. Chuddy K’s Go Gaga seemed to be the song of the movie and in a club scene, it played about three times!

 Also, the fight scene WAS TOO LONG!!! Plus no one was trying to separate them. I found that pretty strange.

There were some scenes that were just visuals without audio. I still don’t get the concept.

Also, there were some unrealistic parts – why would an educated girl, who manages a business selling delicate flowers,
who’s got obviously well educated parents, and who lives in a modern
city like Lagos, not know how to walk in heels
and is afraid of being in a salon, all at the ripe old age of 27?? As funny as it sounds, it didn’t make sense to me!


1. Damilola Adegbite is an awesome actress. The way she interpreted the role and gave it life. Loved it totally.
2. Bikiya Graham Douglas plays the best friend and
was on point with her role.
3. I love Eku Edewor. Eku Edewor played Sapphire, Tunde’s on-and-off sexy, vixen girlfriend who blackmails Tunde without any hesitation.

4. Chris Attoh was SO into his character. He played
the uptight dude so well even to the part where he was always adjusting
his glasses. Loved it
5. This Chuks Chukwujekwu looks so much like Steve
Harris sha!!! lol. Anyways, I wasn’t expecting the guy to be a good
actor I won’t deny but I have to say he stepped up to the plate and
acted WELL! I really hope to see him take up more roles in the future.
6. Kemi’s parents were hilarious.

Oh by the way,  Damilola
Adegbite is strikingly pretty…this is the first movie I’m seeing her in… she is a fantastic actress, wow!

In conclusion, This movie is one
good movie and I encourage you to check it out. #okbye…You can watch movie trailer HERE


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