KFB Movie! Bukky Wright and Uti Nwachukwu couldn’t save ‘red hot’

Sorry this movie review came late….well, it’s here now 🙂 and it’s titled – Red Hot! The picture quality was great, the sound track was cool too but the storyline was poor!

I’m so sorry if I sound so angry but I have the right to cos I not only wasted my precious money to buy the dvd but also my precious time – One hour 28 minutes.
Don’t get me wrong, Bukky Wright is a fantastic
actress but her role in the ‘Red Hot’ movie wasn’t just it and then the
chemistry between her and her gigolo, Uti Nwachukwu was off point.

Director: Teco Benson
Cast: Bukky Wright, Uti Nwachukwu, Bimbo Manuel and Akin Lewis.
Storyline: Red-hot is the story of Kofo (Bukky Wright), a beautiful Nigerian lady married to an
extremely affluent husband (Akin Lewis). She seems to have all the good things of
life at her disposal, but the absence of a child in the over ten
year marriage seems to have left emptiness in her, leaving her

To worsen her situation, medical research puts the blame on
her husband who has suffered some fertility challenge, absolving her of
any complicity. This discovery soon gets her thinking. Out of
frustration and desperation she hatches a plan in consonance with her
friend, Princess which brings Freddie (Uti Nwachukwu) into the picture – death happens and at the end of the day her plan is foiled.

Bimbo Manuel interpreted his role as a detective well, I loved how he chewed his tooth pick. Bukky Wright interpreted her role as a ‘terrible liar’
well…even though.she kinda over acted at some scenes  – for
instance, the scene where she was trying to seduce the detective.

Also, Bukky Wright was picking her words one by one, she had this ‘yorubatic phonay’. Although some of the scenes got me laughing, the storyline of
the movie is so unrealistic and DUMB….Why would you want your hubby
dead for no just cause besides there are other simpler ways to kill your
husband than involving an innocent gigolo.
Furthermore, some of the PHRASES used in the movie were too
watery….imagine a young police officer smiling sheepishly at his boss
and saying “sir, you should have told me you wanted to satisfy your
curiosity?”, a wife lying to her husband “Oh, I thought today was
Wednesday instead of Thursday…welcome sha”.

Bukky Wright’s makeup in the movie was HORRIBLE!
Btw, the movie title doesn’t even relate with the storyline, what or who is the red hot?
We weren’t told what led to the gate-man’s injuries too.#Okbye.
You can watch trailer HERE.


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