KFB Best Friends Alert! Dakore Akande and Timini Egbuson

It’s another Thursday, whoop, you know how we do it guys…the Best Friends Alert!!!

Today’s feature is all about Actress /Billionaire wife, Dakore Egbunson-Akande and her younger brother, Timini Egbuson…you just gotta love the bond between them!

Yes, family is everything, blood is truly thicker than water.

 They always have each other’s back and Dakore often calls him “My ride or die brother and soldier”

It was through her that he fell in love with acting and today he plays the famous ‘Tobi’ in the hit series Shuga on MTV Base. He also played the role of Dakore’s younger brother/son  in the movie Fifty…read my review of the movie (here).

Before I
became an actor, I used to accompany my sister, Dakore Egbuson-Akande,
to movie locations. She is the first child, while I am the
last. She was very supportive but she sounded a note of warning. She
told me it was not going to be easy. …She is an experienced actor who has been
at her craft for many years and I don’t see myself competing with her.
Instead of trying to outshine her, I prefer to learn from her.Being on the same set with Dakore was amazing and the chemistry
was there.” Timi revealed in an interview he had months ago.

When she had her birthday two years ago, he wrote her this beautiful message ” you know I’m your number 1 fan abi?? where will I be without you?? I couldn’t have asked for a better sister,mentor and friend. Thanks for always having my back and pushing me to become a better man. You have the most amazing heart and I wish to always see you with a smiling face.I love you and I wish you a very happy birthday.”
And she responded saying “Bless you and thank you my aburo of life…It’s easy to be all those things because you are amazing and you’ll do the same for me…”

For her birthday last year, he wrote “I want to thank you Mrs Akande, I want to appreciate you for being the most loving and caring sister in this entire world. No one understands me better than you and I pray that God begins to unlock new clouds of blessings and favor as you enter this new year. Wish you a Happy Birthday.” 

And she responded saying “Awwwwwwwww! Timini!! Thank you, I love you…just doing my duty! AMEN!!” 
For his birthday last year, she wrote “It’s all about my brother today. You are such an amazing, funny, caring, handsome, talented, restless bundle of positive energy. I’m proud of the young man you are and I look forward to the awesome things the Almighty will reveal through your life. Big sis loves you always, forever and a day!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

Fine siblings…



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