#KemiFilaniTours We stormed Ibadan, explored it and arrived at this conclusion!!! (photos, videos)

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Kemi and Penzaar
Yay, it’s time for our monthly KFB Tour reflection!

For the Newbies, the #KemiFilaniTours
is more like a travel journal, where KFB visits tourist /historic/fun
centers (locally/internationally) and gives you the gist. At first, I planned to make it a biweekly column, but I eventually resorted to have it monthly instead.

After the trip to Olumo rock (HERE), the KFB tour director, Penzaar of Penzaarvilleafrica, asked us to do Ibadan next and I agreed especially because I have never been to a Zoo. So, we went last week in company of the amazing Erad (a graphics designer).

Bye Lagos, Ibadan here we come!
The movement
This is not our real face oh, lol
We left Lagos at around 9am and got to Ibadan at past 12 but the movement within the city (to the University of Ibadan and the Agodi Gardens) was tiring, thanks to the taffic…there is really no difference between the heavy traffic in Ibadan and that of Lagos. 
Even during the trip, had to update the blog with new stories
Department of Zoology in UI is where the Ibadan zoo is located. On getting
there we had to purchase a pass ticket of N500 per person and an extra 1000 because of our camera.

Penzaar offered to be our tour guide because he has been the zoo once, as a result we didn’t have to pay any additional fee to have a tour guide escort us through the Zoo.

The entrance was beautiful, the animal cages looked clean and the
animals look healthy. There were also gazebos where visitors can sit for
shade against the sun and have their social events.

One of the many selfies taken 🙂
The entrance
All work and no play…
A little goofing around doesn’t hurt, does it?
More goofing around
Posed with the Zebra…its name is Ajoke
Posed here with the Horses
The amazing Erad and Kemi
Yup, we love selfies

We didn’t really spend much time with the Snakes, we (especially Penzaar) were scared, lol. Besides, many of the Snakes were over 20 years old.

We just had to take a photo of the advert above, lol. 

One of the three Lions in the Zoo..the two refused to come out of the inner cage
Wolves…so cute

I think the major Animal I didn’t get to see at the Zoo was the Elephant.

After spending about thirty five minutes or thereabout in the Zoo, we went to the Agodi Gardens.

Agodi Gardens contains an indigenous forest, zoo, a lake and tree plantations.

The garden is situated near the Oyo State Secretariat Complex.

“You would love the place, it is beautiful and good for photoshoots.” Penzaar said, and he turned out to be right.

The Gate fee was about Five hundred or one thousand naira, i really can’t remember but we weren’t allowed to go in with our camera.

“We charge N10,000 for official camera use” the attendant told us…and that’s how we jejeli decided to use our phones as we didn’t even plan to spend up to twenty minutes there 🙂

We didn’t check the Zoo at the Garden because we had already seen many of the Animals at the Ibadan Zoo.
We were already tired here, lol
Despite being tired, Penzaar made us go on the boat cruise (still within the Garden), we paid N500 for that. The lake was shamefully a mess though.

After we left the Garden, we went to one of the popular Bukas in Ibadan to eat Amala!!!!

And we drove back to Lagos, home sweet home!

In conclusion, Ibadan is a beautiful city, yup you read that right!

Yes, it has its local
areas and ancient homes but a lot of development has indeed happened in
the Oyo state capital.


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Thanks for reading through..join us again for an amazing tour next month.

I am totally open to ideas from you to make this #KemiFilaniTours more
fun…so please tell it all via the comment section, thankyou.

You can also keep up with our updates on instagram, @kemifilaniblog..whoop!


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