Kemi Olunloyo sent back to prison as her defamation case against Pastor David Ibiyeomie resumes

Kemi Omololu Olunloyo has revealed that she has been sent back to prison…
Follow Below the updates she posted on her Instagram page.

At 2:31, She posted:
The Nigerian police #Abuja undercover task force tried to kidnap
me outside this courthouse now. Pls spread this message. My lawyer
Eugene Meabe and other Rivers police foiled it. I feel unsafe here.

The judge had just adjourned my case to December and they were
probably not happy. The NPF IG task force has been stalking me since my
release in June. Ibrahim Idris u have really crossed the line this time.
The scene here is chaotic. My case needs to be DISMISSED. I’m never
coming to Rivers again.

My life is on danger and my case needs to be moved to Ibadan
which was the real jurisdiction. I am in a court toilet hiding here
looking at my lawyer and different security forces.


At 2:20PM she posted:
Im not OK. Fatai Lawal the lawyer I fired who was supposed to
excuse me from the magistrate hearing for July did not show my doctors
letter. Instead Lawal excused himself from the case which is what
lawyers are supposed to do. A bench warrant was written to arrest me the
next day.

The other lawyers on the team had no idea as he represented that
day. Since August 13th 2017 he has not released my legal files to the
new lead lawyers. He has not picked up my calls.

Yesterday in federal high court I was told he wanted money to
release my files. An Afe Babalola pro bono lawyer who my dad sent and I
never asked for wants money? I contacted Afe’s office and he released
the files this morning to us and thus the federal high court case
postponed to December 2017.

The magistrate is on the 24th October 2017 so what happened today
was that Federal SARS wanted me behind bars today. Not my fault I
didn’t know there was a bench warrant for me. A corrupt lawyer and
system caused this.

I am sitting here now watching all of them. My blood presure is
160/100 and I’m battling bronchitis and police said they don’t care if I
DIED IN THEIR ARMS. They are now all in magistrate court for and
emergency hearing.

My complaint is still suing me in both magistrate and federal high court.
A PASTOR… #KemiOlunloyo

AT 3PM she posted:
My arrest foiled by several lawyers protecting me from a potential KIDNAPPER. A Federal SARS officer with no ID or badge shown.
They are now holding an emergency hearing at magistrate court now. A lawyer I fired set me up for this arrest.
I fired Fatai Lawal because I shouldn’t have been rearrested June
22nd if he had DONE HIS JOB! He removed himself from my case in court
as they are supposed to do but was supposed to hand over my medical
letter for 60 days in both courts.

We are now back 60 days later but he NEVER told magistrate court. They tried to rearrest me on a August bench warrant.
person that attacked me in Yellow shirt, a SARS undercover officer.
Judge has requested I come to see him now in this emergency hearing. He
will either send me to prison till the 24th or let me go.

Lawal caused this. Fatai Lawal an incompetent lawyer that did not
release my files to new lawyer, knew I had a bench warrant and I had no
idea. I fired him already and will get a chance to tell the judge.

I am exhausted. They want to break me. Nobody can break me but God.
Waiting for the judge. Now 3.34pm #PortHarcourt
A large amount of female police officers have escorted me here
heavily armed. Looks like I’m under arrest ALREADY. The system is

The judge granted me a new bail of 150k plus two sureties and
stated that attorney Fatai Lawal should have been punished. Everything
is closed now so they are taking me to PRISON for another 24 hour thing.
My new lawyer and same surety are processing the papers.

Mr IGP, you can’t break me.
Read previous posts.
Love YOU all and thanks for your support. Tell Yeni and Seun that
I have now matched grandma’s record. 4:46 pm I am inside #PortHarcourt
prison check in desk. The SARS cops brought me here.


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