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Kefee’s Husband, Teddy Momoh is yet to get over her death



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It’s been seven months since the demise of sensational gospel singer
and Branama Queen, Kefee but her husband, Teddy Momoh, is yet to move on. During a recent brief interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the radio presenter
opened up on how much he misses his late wife.

  • How have you been coping since the death of your wife?
    How have you been sleeping and waking up without her beside you?

It has not been easy for me.  It’s been by the special grace of God and
His grace has been sufficient for me. Because getting used to waking up in the
morning and at night with someone beside you and all of a sudden, you get to
wake up to see just books.  It is not easy but all I will say is, it is

  • What are some of the special things you miss about her?

I miss everything that she epitomized, her smiles, the way she lightened up the
environment and everyone around her, her food and so many other things.  I
have lost a lot of weight since she passed away because there is no one to cook
or call to find out what I would like to eat. She went the extra mile of
cooking breakfast, she packs what I would have for lunch in the office.
 She would still give me a call to remind me that I have to eat lunch.
 She turned me from ‘eating out’ to ‘eating at home’ and I find it
difficult to eat out now.  I miss that love, the union and her
brainstorming.  I just miss everything she stood for.

What fun memory of her do you still have with you?

We had a lot of fun memories together and I would not want to share them with
the world.  It is very personal and I miss those memories.

How would you recount your last moments together?

That was when we shot her video, Dem go talk, after her graduation from film
school in USA.  We were together exploring her new talent in directing and
producing where she was the artiste being shot and at the same time the director.
 It was a brand new experience for her and we had lots of fun.  We
were already anticipating what people would say about the video and now it’s
very sad that she is not here anymore.

  • She left a couple of business interests behind, Branama
    Kitchen and music.  What has been happening to Branama Kitchen?

Branama Kitchen is still going on just that it is now operating online.
 The building itself has nobody but that does not mean it’s been closed.
 We have our online clients, who still call us for delivery and catering
services.  That is because I have not been on ground to fully monitor all
these. I have been busy trying to get my feet back on the ground and I don’t
really have people to run the place but Branama Kitchen would be relocating
from Lagos to Delta State because I want her parents to share her dream.
 Branama Kitchen Facebook page and phone numbers are still functioning and
people have been placing their orders.

  • Some of her fans in Lagos are not happy that no tribute
    was organized here in Lagos for Kefee.  What are you doing about

They should not worry as I have something for them.  Come her birthday on
February 5, 2015, we would be having a post humous birthday celebration, honour
and concert for the late Branama Queen.  Once the videos are out, a promo
for the post humous party would be released as well.

  • How challenging has it been trying to keep up with all
    she left behind?

Challenge is a part of life and I’m doing my best to make sure that all we
wanted to achieve, we will achieve them.  Myself and her family are doing
our best to make sure that all of these become a success.

  • Do you have any plan to remarry?

This is another personal question I don’t have answer to, but I know I am still