Jonathan & Buhari are ‘problematic’ candidates, says Soyinka

an interview with BBC on Monday February 16, Nobel laureate, Wole
Soyinka, described the two main candidates in the March 28 presidential
election, president Goodluck Jonathan of the ruling party PDP and Buhari
of APC as problematic candidates. He tells BBc;
is a huge albatross hanging [around] the necks of the two main
candidates. I can understand the dilemma which many voters have. One
contender is troubled by the present, the other by the past.”
On the abducted from Chibok girls, he says;

“What happened was a clear failure of leadership – a slow reaction, an inadequate reaction and response,”
On APC presidential candidate, Soyinka stress;
and his partner, the late Gen. Tunde Idiagbon, after (former military
head of state) Sani Abacha, I think they represented the most brutal
face of military dictatorship. There is no question about that,” Soyinka

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