Iyanya now flies only ‘business class’, narrates encounter with female fan during recent trip in ‘economy class’

“Let me give you an instance. I had a show here in Lagos, I was in
Dubai. They made a mistake and booked my flight for Monday and the show
was on Sunday.
We rushed to the Airport; they said no that my ticket
was for the next day. After much pleading and explaining that I had a
show that night in Lagos, they said al-right, I could board but not
business class since it wasn’t my flight. I had to fly economy class
with my business class ticket.
Sitting down there, people around
were staring at me like “what are you doing here”.
A woman even walked
up to me and said “Iyanya, you no suppose dey here now, na the other
side you suppose dey”. What came to my mind next was that I can’t just
decide to fly economy today, it will become a gist. I have to work hard,
I have to make money, to live up to your expectations. It’s not like I
m living my life for you, but it’s the life I chose. So, I have to
follow it.”
The kukere crooner narrated this in a recent interview with Encomium, while trying to justify why Nigerian celebs live large – why Nigerian entertainers love living fake lives, living beyond what they can actually afford!


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