Iya Rainbow Premieres Film In London as her 75th birthday celebration continues (photos)

It’s been a roller coaster ride in London for actress Idowu Phillips
aka Iya Rainbow in London since her movie premiere of October 28 .It’s her first movie. Entitled “The Saint” she decided having a premiere in London, United Kingdom.

Also the CEO of Tunmyray Entertainment Tunmise Raymond is organising
another party for her next week, November 17. The pretty promoter, whose
passion for entertainment is unequalled, has promised that London will
‘shake’ with Mama Rainbow’s party.
In an interview with Kemiashefonlovehaven, Tunmise Ray said she is
pulling all the stops to make the 75th party a memorable one for Iya
She said, “She deserves all the things we are doing At 75, she is
strong, kind and a professional actor. She is worth whatever she get sin
London currently.”

Mama Rainbow, and Tunmise Ray (1)
Mama Rainbow, and Tunmise Ray (2)
Mama Rainbow, and Tunmise Ray and other fans


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