Itse Sagay speaks on DSS re-arrest of Sowore

The chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, Itse Sagay, has berated the Department of State Security, DSS, over the re-arrest of Omoyele Sowore.

Sowore was re-arrested in court by the DSS in a dramatic fashion that drew the attention of many Nigerians.

However, the DSS denied invading the court as they claim that the drama that took place in court as seen in viral videos was stage-managed by Sowore’s supporters.

Reacting to the issue, Sagay was quoted by The Nation saying the Presidency should not be blamed for what transpired.

Sagay said: “I agree that the DSS (operatives) have their job. They don’t need the approval of the Presidency to do their job. So, no one should blame the Presidency for anything the DSS does.

“However, the re-arrest of Sowore looks bad on the surface in the sense that the man was released a day earlier, and he was in court the next day to answer the charges and he is arrested.

“I feel that Nigerians are entitled to an explanation. It’s not something you can do and keep quiet. It’s not alright. There is something wrong in that. They could have a good reason, but they should tell us what that reason is.

“They cannot be quiet about it and if they are justified, I will be the first to say yes. But they cannot do it and keep quiet and expect everybody to accept it.

“The question I have is: the offence they are re-arresting him for, did he commit it after he was released? That is very critical.

“If it is something he had said before, then I don’t see any justification for his re-arrest, because he has been given bail.

“But if it is something fresh – maybe he said something after he was released that constitutes a security risk or is a danger to the country – then they should make it clear so that we are not confused.”

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