“It’s not for the poor…” Primate Elijah Ayodele announces Miracle Water in his church that cures Covid-19

Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church has revealed that he has a spiritual water that cures people with Covid-19 virus.

Speaking while he was a guest on City People Instagram Live TV, he said

“Covid-19 will not go now. Covid-19 will go at the exact time of the Lord. COVID-19 is a symbol that shows God is angry with the world. And world leaders are gradually realising it that God is indeed angry with the world. As a matter of fact, we haven’t seen anything yet!

This is a disease that should be a thing of worry for world leaders. There will be a vaccine for it but the vaccine will come at the appropriate time of God. This will consume the world and about 10 million people may die in the process, globally and about 50 million will be infected, globally. And Nigeria’s case has yet to come. And that’s why I’m presenting this water for free. God has shown this to me in October last year that there’s a disease that’s coming and it will be a pandemic.

And it will destroy the world. That we should also work and pray. I prayed 7 Tuesdays prayer. I prayed 7 Sunday prayers in order to avert it but it is quite unfortunate that government and world leaders didn’t realise it. I sent messages to them. I sent this book out with a letter that says there’s something terrible coming. But it’s unfortunate that they didn’t realise it and it’s now medicine after death.

Covid-19 hasn’t started in Nigeria at all. It’s going to kill many rich people. It’s not for the poor. “

I have said it time without number that all the INRI family won’t be infected with the help of this water. It’s not possible. Let everybody come out with what they believe. Let them come out and showcase the power. The Ooni of Ife has his own. Churches have their own, let them try it. This is not the time to condemn what we have. It’s the time to see who and who can appease to God.

With this water, I’m sure everybody will be healed. You can take it to any Isolation Centre. I don’t know about herbal. What I know can work is prayer. I’m also telling you that this water has healed people with Coronavirus. I don’t know about anything else. I don’t know what anybody recommends. I will recommend what God told me will work for COVID-19 which is my water.

To get the water, let them go to Oke Afa where our Church is situated. Or they can call this no 08033017747. The water will be given to them freely. Some people in the government have come. Some people in other countries have come for this water. So the point now is that this water can fight and cure coronavirus. That is what I know. That is what I believe. I can’t prescribe what I don’t know. And I don’t want you to come and give thanksgiving.

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