It’s June!!! Happy new Month KFBers + Details of N5, 000 give away for the highest commenter of the month

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The month of June is here, halleluyah!

KFB wishes you a joy filled and glorious month.

Remember we are now half way into the end of the year, so if you have been procrastinating on projects and goals you intend to accomplish for 2017, now is the time to sit up. May God bless all our endeavors.

Meanwhile, our God sent good Samaritan and KFBer who took it upon
him/herself to always give out a cash reward of N5, 000 to the highest
commenter of the month (HERE),
has sent in his cash gift for the highest commenter of the month of May and he/she will be announced before the end of today.

For the month of May, Sweetheart was announced winner for being
the highest commenter and she has since received her N5, 000 cash gift. She was even gracious enough to send recharge cards to other blog readers from the cash gift, how kind!

So dear KFB fam/Newbies, don’t forget to always comment so as to partake of the monthly N5000 cash gift, the more your comments, the higher your chances of winning.

Happy new month once again KFBers!


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