It’s high time GEJ cautioned Fayose! Look what he posted again on Punch today…

On Monday, Ayo Fayose paid N20million for a controversial advert in the front-page of Punch newspaper.

The advert generated a lot of buzz in the media, and even though PDP was
quick to disown the advert, Fayose maintained that he has no
apology for the advert.

Well, seems the advert fund is not

The Governor today sponsored another ad-set, taking a shot at
General Muhammadu Buhari. In the advert as seen on page 9. of the
Punch; he emphasized that Buhari is too old to be President at 72 and even added Fashola’s popular quote.

Fayose’s actions is enough to discourage one from voting for PDP if he is not called to order.

See it below:

is too old to be President at 72 Even APS Governor Raji Fashola admits
the need for youthfulness in governance. Fashola has said, “When I took
this job at the age of 44, I was counting the number of white hair on my
head. Today at 52, I am counting the number of black hair on my head.
“You see, this job is a tough job, you need youthfulness to do this job”


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