The three sisters of the Ooni of Ife, Princess Adesola, Princess Folasahade and Princess Adebimpe are so excited about the royal wedding that happened over the weekend. 
Contrary to reports that the new wife of the Ooni of Ife is a prostitute, the sisters say she is a very good woman and that her relationship with the Ooni is divine. 
See excerpts from their interesting interview with CityPeople below:

“He Introduced Us To His New Wife A Month Ago” – Princess ADESOLA

You are here in Benin to pick a new wife for Ooni of Ife, how do you feel about this?
I am so happy. As you can see I am excited. You can see we are smiling
and enjoying ourselves. God has done a great thing in the life of
Kabiyesi and in the family of Ogunwusi generally. May His name be
exalted. We welcome Queen Wuraola Ogunwusi into the family and I pray
she shall give us good children and twins by the special grace of God.
For how long have you known Olori Wuraola?
We only met her not quite long and I will say like a month and I will
say she is going to be a good mother and a good wife to the whole Yoruba
Immediately you saw her, what came to your mind?
I saw her as a pleasant woman and a very accommodating one at that. A
good wife that will take care of the custom and tradition of Yoruba of
Ife. A good woman that will take care of her husband.
It obvious that Kabiyesi would have met her a long time but he just decide to introduced her to the family now?
No, Kabiyesi didnt meet her a long time, it was the oracle who revealed
her to Kabiyesi. They never met before. The irumole are still alive and
they are doing wonders. You know a lot of things has been happening
since they introduced the new Oloori to the world. Lots of people were
saying evil things about her. Majority of what they said are not
correct. They were just running her down. But to the glory of God we
still marry her. Is that not wonderful and marvelous.
Many believed that whoever wants to marry Kabiyesi will also have to marry his 3 sisters, is that true?
It is easy because we are very friendly and many people won’t know this
until they move closer to us. We are friendly, loving and very
Tell us what we don’t know about new Olori of Ooni of Ife?
Oh, that woman, she is amazing, very friendly and she is a female version of Kabiyesi.
What do you wish Kabiyesi?
I wish them a happy union that will be fruitful.

“Ooni’s Choice Of Bride Is Divine” – Princess FOLASADE
Princess Folasade Ogunwusi is the elder sister of the Ooni
of Ife, His Imperial majesty Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi. She is the Yeye Oba
and she spoke to City People Assistant Society Editor, ABIOLA ORISILE on
how kabiyesi met his wew wife, Queen Wuraola.
What do you wish Kabiyesi as he takes Princess Wuraola as his new Olori?
I wish Kabiyesi a happy married life and may God almighty be with them and make them great friends.
For how long have you met Oloori?
I can’t really say.
A young lady once came to the palace to say she had a dream that
Kabiyesi is her husband to be, what will happen to the lady now that
kabiyesi has got a new wife?

The book of Isaiah says the ways of the lord is not our way. Our
thinking is different from God’s thinking. Like where we think something
will come out from like we are human, but spiritually God has a purpose
for everybody. This case of Queen Wura and Kabiyesi is divine.
Many people say that whoever wants to marry kabieyesi may have to seek the sister’s consent first, what is your take on this?
The culture in Yoruba land says you cannot marry husband alone, you
marry the family. So she can not marry kabiyesi alone, she has to marry
the family. It is culture. That is what we are following basically.
Is it true that it was oracle that revealed Wuraola as Kabiyesi new Olori?
It is divine, I won’t say more than that.
What do you wish Kabiyesi as Yeye Oba?
I wish them happy married Life. I pray for more success for them. I pray
that God almighty in his infinite mercy will bless them with the fruit
of the womb.
Many said lots of things about the new Queen, how did you feel when you read all this things?
That is the people of the world and even people talk about the dead. It
is their mouth let them run it. Nkan ti oba wu eni body ni ki ofi enu e
What will happen to the Kabiyesi first wife now?
She is there and she is still an Oloori and I wish Kabiyesi long life and I pray for more wisdom for Kabiyesi.
Tell us what we don’t know about the new Olori of Ooni of Ife?
She is very friendly and highly spiritual. She is very respectful.

“The Oracle Revealed Kabiyeesi’s New Wife” – Princess ADEBIMPE
You are the closest person to Kabiyeesi. What do you wish Kabiyesi?
I wish Kabiyesi happy married life and plenty children. We want twins
How long have you known Olori Wuraola?
Not too long ago.
Is it true that the Oracle revealed to Kabiyesi about Olori Wuraola?
I can’t say much but Kabiyesi told us that Oracle revealed her to him
and we should accept her as our wife and the day she came to meet with
the family she did wonderfully well. I have to say she is well mannered
and highly cultured.
What did you notice in her immediately you saw her?
She is a good person and once my brother says she is okay, we are okay. Kabiyesi said we should accept her, why not.
Many people believed that whoever wants to marry Kabiyesi must marry his 3 sisters, what will you say about this?
One love keeps us together.
To show that it was divine intervention, many things were said about New Queen but the wedding still hold?
Isaiah 55vs8, God ways are not our ways and our ways are not God ways,
God knows better. Even God says he who finds a wife, find a good thing
and find favour in the presence of God. I believed that my brother
Kabiyesi Oonirisa Adeyeye Babarinmisa Enitan Ogunwusi has found a good
What will happen to Ooni’s first wife has his throne doesn’t forbid him to marry more wives?
Kabiyesi is in the best position to answer that question.
What do you wish kabiyesi?
Happy married life and in 9 months time make sure you come back as Queen Wuraola will start with triplets, quadruplet
Do you know their Love story?
You have to know that Kabiyesi is not an ordinary man anymore. He sees
things and knows things and this has been revealed to him and to some of
us that this is going to be happening. I am not surprised that queen
Wuraola walked in and she is going to be Ooni’s wife.
Before now, a young undergraduate lady came into the palace
saying that she had a dream that she was going to be Ooni of Ife’s wife
and you accommodated her in the palace. What happen to her now?

Why won’t we accommodate her? Our mother of blessed memory taught us to
be accommodating and why not. More so, he is the Ooni, the head of
Yoruba race and anybody that comes around we accommodate. But
unfortunately the lady that you talked about that wears beads is not his
half and one way or the other she finds her way and here comes the
Queen Wuraola and we are happy to receive her.
She bears the same name with your Mother, Wuraola?
I told you it is divine and she is fair like my mother and time will tell if she has my mother’s attribute too.