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Ibinabo Fiberesima is GEJ’s most loyal supporter



She believes President Goodluck Jonathan is a good man, regardless.
Ibinabo Fiberesima says that Nigerians will indeed miss the outgoing President.

The President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, who was a staunch
supporter of the re-election bid of the president, wants you to know
that she has no regret supporting him and would appreciate it if you
respect her decision.
She says: “He is a very good man. Nigeria has just lost the one who was brought to us to set a solid foundation for greatness. ”
“The reactionary forces overwhelmed him especially from within. My
friend and brother “GEJ’’ is a good man. It is well with him. We fought a
good fight. Thanks to all of you who believed in him. It was not a
wasted confidence. He has more to give to the world.”
“Once again I say thank you. Congratulations Gen. Muhammadu Buhari
and the All Progressives Party (APC). Nigeria belongs to us all. Let us
love her,” she wrote on her social media page.”