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“I was diagnosed of High Bloood Pressure when I was 19” – Chude Jideonwo opens up about his personal struggles




Hours ago, RED Media’s  co-Founder, Chude Jideonwo opened up about his personal struggles. 

He wrote thus:

 Let me come out of the closet… just a little:)
I was diagnosed of High Blood Pressure when I was 19 – that’s 14 years ago.
Yup, you heard it right. My doctor was just as shocked.
through that period, I have been diagnosed, dealt with and undergone
surgeries for high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, benign
prostrate hyperplasia, back pain, migraine and Tourette’s Syndrome, with
movement disorder and OCD co-morbidities.
Going full throttle right after high school, driven by fear and pressure, will do that to you. 
I, my fantastic mother (ah, where do I begin?), with Adebola close by
as well as my best friend F, have faced these challenges head on.
When I say nothing human is alien to me – I mean it. I know what I am talking about. 
of all these things, God has healed me of three this year. He promised
me last year, and he has been delivering. Doctor-confirmed. Kasa! 
I often wonder why God made me go through (and I’m still going through
some of) these. Well, early this year one of my favourite Communication
Associates at RED (I recruited them all personally, love ‘em!) asked me
why God would allow her face illnesses that she certainly doesn’t
Throughout this year, I have wondered
constantly: is this why God made me go through some of these fires? And
to ensure I found joy IN SPITE of these fires, before he started to heal
me one by one? So I can answer her questions? So I have a sense of what
it really means to be there? So I can help people find the path that I
was helped to find? 
If it is, then dang! What a God.
What a gaddem fascinating God.