On 1st February 2016 Chief
Femi Fani-Kayode and his partner, Precious Chikwendu (popularly known as
Snowhite), an Igbo from the eastern part of Nigeria, a notable
Nollywood actress, a successful model and the winner of  the prestigious
Miss United Nations International Beauty Pageant (2014), had their
first child.

Seven days later, on 8th February, he was christened Joshua
Oluwafemi Emmanuel Lotanna Aragorn Fani-Kayode. He is Chief Femi
Fani-Kayode’s first son.

 See excerpts from his interview with city people below:

How did you take the news of your new wife having a son?

With immense joy. I was very, very happy.
What is the significance of that to you?
Aragon is my pride, my joy, and my
strength. He means everything to me. He will carry on my name and he
will build on the noble legacy and heritage of his illustrious fore
Actually, I have 5 daughters and not 4.
First there is Folake, who is 28 years old and who works in a Law firm
in the UK. Then, there is Remi who is a stunningly beautiful 18 year old
and who is now preparing to go to University in the UK. I am close to
them both, I am very proud of them and I love them both deeply.
Interestingly, Remi’s mother, Madame Regina is Aragon’s godmother.
We are all very close. I have 3 other
daughters as well, but sadly I have no contact with them. I didn’t feel
bad about not having a son before now, because I love my 2 daughters
deeply and I thank God for them. I knew that having a son was just a
matter of time because God had said so. He never fails and he has
fulfilled His promise. Glory be to His name.

Photo of Femi Fani Kayode in his hospital Robe as he welcomes baby

Were you with her when she delivered or were you called?
Yes, I was right there. I saw every
thing. I had never done that before. It was a remarkable experience.
What mothers go through during child birth is amazing. Precious did so
well. I am very proud of her. She is previous to me. The whole thing
humbled me.
With Precious giving you a son does that make her special to you?
Very special. She has always been special
to me. But she is even more special now. Her name is Precious and she
is a precious gift from God.
Are you going to name him after you?
We have given him several names His name
are Joshua Oluwafemi Emmanuel Lotanna Aragorn Fani-Kayode. His first
name Joshua means The Lord Saves.
His second name Oluwafemi means the beloved of the Lord and I share that name with him.
His third name Emmanuel means The Lord Is
Me Us and his great paternal grandfather, Rev Emmanuel Kayode, shares
that names with him.
His growth name. Lotanna is Igbo and it means Remembering The Father.
His fifth name Aragon is Sindalese and it means “Kingly Warrior “
Each and everyone of these names was
carefully chosen and each of them has a special and peculiar
significance to me, his mother and all our family members.
But I shall call him Aragorn.
How does it feel as a proud father having your 1st son at a matured age?
I feel delighted knowing that Gods’ time is the best and that it is better late then never.
It also  represents a great and wonderful
testimony for me that no matter how long it takes God always honours
His word. He said that He wound give me my own son and He did. Glory be
to Him. The whole thing has reinvigorated and strengthened my faith in
the Lord. It has given me new life and it has brought me even closer to
Was you baby boy born in Nigeria. Which hospital?
He was born in Nigeria at DFF Hospital in
Aso Drive, Maitama, Abuja. The hospital is first class and the doctors,
nurses and staff are simply wonderful.
I believe that DFF may well be the best
maternity hospital in our country and it is just around that corner from
my house. So it was very convenient.
Throughout the 9 month that Precious was
pregnant they took great are of her very well and she was under the
direct supervision and care of Dr. Idahosa, the owner of the hospital.
It made absolute sense for her to have the baby there instead of abroad
because we had total confidence in Idahosa and his team.
Besides which, even though Precious
initially wanted to have him abroad I explained to her that none of my
children had ever been born in Nigeria and I wanted my first son to be
born here just as I was.
I also told her that my father had also
been born abroad in the UK in 1921 and I always found that rather
strange. I wanted at least my first son to be born here. Thankfully she
agreed and the rest in history.