I have warned my children against polygamy – Oga Bello

The last time, OJB Jezreel who is happily married to three wives warned against polygamous marriage….he said he won’t advise anyone to marry three wives but claimed it
was his destiny (HERE).
Now veteran actor, Oga Bello is saying the same thing.

Adebayo Salami, popularly known as Oga Bello, is a known
polygamist, but he said he had advised his children not to follow in his
He told Saturday Beats that he was
destined to be a polygamist, but being one was not easy and that not
everyone could bear the burden.

See excerpts from his interview with Saturday Beats below:

“I have never said I regret being a
polygamous man. However, I am warning my children against polygamy
because not everybody can be like Adebayo Salami who runs a peaceful
“It is not easy to run a polygamous house
and it is only by God’s grace one can do that. It cannot be applicable
to everybody. The best marriage is that of one man and a wife, but if
any of my children’s destiny is to have more than a wife, then there is
nothing I can do about it. I believe I am destined to be a polygamous
“The position anyone holds in life is
their destiny and that is my belief. I also advise my children to be
tolerant, focused and prayerful. In anything they do, they have to put
God first.”

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