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“I Don’t Believe In Marriage” – Yoruba actress Funke Adesiyan opens up



Star actress, Funke Adesiyan, who contested in the last general
elections to represent her Ibadan constituency at the Oyo State House of
Assembly, has told whoever cares to know that she doesn’t believe in

sexy actress, who was once romantically linked with star actor, Saidi
Balogun and top Lagos socialite, Satty Rahman recently said this on her social media page.
In her words, “I never believed in this sham called marriage. I
rather appreciate two lovers appreciating one another without any

would give a wife the right to kill her husband and vice versa if not
the nonsense that had filled their brains of “owning one another till
death do us part”? Not one person has right to another’s life. Not even
the child you gave birth to. They are gifts from God.
The lawyer who killed her husband must be jailed if not killed in
return. She has to learn her lesson that just because they were married
doesn’t mean she owns his life. It’s just stupid”.