I am sorry if I disappointed you – SDK FM has a message for all kfbers :(

Good evening Kemi and fellow blog readers, when I came to Kemi’s blog, I wanted to lend my support. I wanted some distractions other than work and my usual self everyone knows.

I got trapped by the story of Kemi’s beautiful life journey of 2014 year-end, I fell in love with her passion, blogging, struggles and of course the Grace which has kept her this far but I am afraid to say that I have to take a walk for now because those aims have been abused.

I will lie if I say I do not feel bad but I have to let go to let some birds fly because I do not need words that spites neither can I handle this distractions now. I was born and raise from a home where love and peace exists. I am a burden bearer and a true being but having been constantly called-out
by anonymous, and co…has left me with no choice but to give them the peace they seek. I came not to compete or bring down any of you.

I love all my fellow readers irrespective of the differences. I know lots of you will accuse me of walking away after my winning, I am fine by that but I have equally been accused of several issues. I love blog dramas but not when it is unhealthy, nursed for life and full of hateful words which aims at demoralizing the other rather than laughable fun and educating.

I have things to take care of and not an unnecessary emotional stress which has misrepresented who I am even if no one knows my real identity.

When Blessing Saint walked away I did all I could to encouraged her because I knew the feelings. But, mine has occurred repeatedly. Sometimes when you love someone you let certain things go. I had been perceived as the trouble here. I have to embrace that decision for now not because I am weak but because I want this blog’s growth.

To the anon and some readers causing hatred and commotions on Kemi’s blog, if you were assigned to ruin her career, remember the evil men/women do lives with them nowadays. Be careful before you are crushed because Kemi carries an unusual grace. #Wisdom but I am certain that I will be vindicated someday.

Kemi, we have communicated. You know my stories. I will keep in touch and I will keep supporting you in other ways and most importantly, on my knees. To all readers, may all your prayers for good be answered. I love you all. I will always be back when I am fine.  God bless u all.
Hope u will all remember me in your prayers.

To my beautiful friends I have met on your blog; Blessing Saints, Tweet berry, Francisca and Kingsley Onwuli, my heart is with all of you.



I was really hoping this drama will end peacefully but it’s getting out of hand.

I love all my kfbers especially the family i have had so far and i wouldn’t want to lose any of you at all. Please let peace reign amongst us 🙁


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