How a woman Lured a 14 year old girl into the hands of a rapist in a Lagos Hotel

                                                                    14-year old faith

A 25-year-old woman, Nnena Okoro, who lives in Sumoratu Estate,
off Ojo Road, Lagos State recently lured a 14-year-old girl,
Faith (pseudonym) to a hotel, where a man raped her.
She was said to have been
Faith’s confidant.

Punch Metro gathered that on the
noon of May 16, when the girl’s aunt, with whom she lives, was not around,
Okoro approached her and requested that she accompanied her to the Barracks
area to buy mangoes.
It was learnt that Okoro rejected
the mangoes available in the area and went to Wowo, a nearby street, where the
hotel was located.
Okoro, who had allegedly collected an undisclosed amount from the fleeing
rapist, lured Faith into a room in the hotel and shut the door.
Faith said her mouth was covered,
as Nnena aided the man to rape her.
She said, “Aunty Nnena (Okoro)
said I should follow her to buy mangoes in Barracks Lane. She did not like the
mangoes they had there and she said we should go to Ojo Road. We went to a
hotel and met a man, who she called her friend. Aunty Nnena told me to enter a
room. Suddenly, both of them dragged me to the bed. Nnena held my hand and
covered my mouth with a cloth. The man pulled off my trousers and raped me. He
left the hotel immediately he finished doing it and said he had paid Aunty
“I went outside crying. It was one
woman around the area that helped to clean the blood coming out from my private
parts when she saw me. She later took me to the Layeni Police Station.”
In her statement to the police,
Okoro, who hails from Abia State, confessed to taking the girl to the hotel.
She denied coercing the victim into the act and claimed that she had never met
the man prior to the incident.
She said, “Faith is my friend. On
the fateful day, we both went to buy mangoes on Ojo Road. On getting to a hotel
at Tolu, one man called her. They both discussed and the man paid N500 to the
hotel attendant and they entered the room. I later left them inside the room to
ease myself. It was when I came back that she told me that she was raped. I did
not know that she was a virgin. We have never discussed anything like that
before. Her pants were stained with blood. I have never seen the man before
that day, but I can recognise him if I see him again.”
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