How an Undergraduate was hacked to death two months to Wedding

Late Lawal Afolabi Kunbi (left) and his mother

struck at Olorunfunmi Street in Oworo area of Lagos, on Thursday,
following the  murder of a 32- year-old man, Lawal  Afolabi Kunbi,
allegedly by a  debtor, in a bid to evade repayment.

Kunbi, a business  administration student of  Lagos State Polytechnic,
Isolo, reportedly received a telephone call from a private security
guard, identified simply as Aliu, who lives on same street with him, to
come and collect  N32,000 owed him.

Sunday Vanguard gathered that the deceased, who owned a provision store, sold his motorcycle to
Aliu, in order to raise money to pay his school fees, about a month ago.

However , after receiving the call, Kunbi dashed out of his shop to
Aliu’s  apartment, adjacent to his shop, obviously  optimistic  he would
pay his school fees after all.

The unexpected

But, unknown to Kunbi, who was said to be preparing for his wedding in
December, Aliu allegedly  had a sinister motive up their sleeves. The
bridegroom-to-be simply disappeared, forcing members of his family to
conduct a search for him throughout Thursday night.

The search
party found  the lifeless body of Kunbi  around 9am  on  Friday behind
Aliu’s compound, throwing the entire community into mourning.  A source
said the victim’s five fingers had been  chopped off, while marks of
violence were apparent all over his body. There also a  rope tied round
his neck, suggesting that he could have been strangled.  The question on
everyone’s lip was, who could have killed Kumbi?

Suspects arrested

Meanwhile, five suspects have been arrested by the police in connection with the incident. One of the suspects is Aliu.

Early that Friday, Aliu was allegedly seen fetching water from Kunbi’s
compound.  The number of times he went to fetch water reportedly aroused
the curiosity of  residents,  necessitating the brave ones to  ask what
he was doing with the unusual volume of water he was fetching. Not
satisfied with his explanation, some of the residents, it was learnt,
forced their way into his apartment,where they allegedly discovered, to
their shock, blood stains all over the place. The suspect was said to
have been using the water to clean up the blood stains in his apartment,
apparently to cover up his track.   Also,  shattered louvres were
reportedly seen all over the apartment. Consequently, the residents
descended on Aliu.

An eye witness told Sunday Vanguard:

we searched through Kunbi’s telephone, which he left while he rushed to
answer the call of death last night (Thursday), we discovered that the
last caller was Aliu. When confronted at first, Aliu denied seeing him,
insisting rather that a search team be raised to look for him.

gave him away was the blood stain that was trailed, right from where
Kunbi’s body was dumped, to Aliu’s apartment.  We also saw a white cloth
stained with blood, on the floor and the key of Kunbi’s shop in Aliu’s
apartment.  When he discovered that the game was up, he pleaded that we
should not kill him and disclosed that the plan to kill Kunbi was
hatched by his friends”.

We searched for victim – Landlady

Owner of the building, where Kunbi resided, who also spoke to Sunday Vanguard anonymously, said:

leased out one of my shops to Kunbi two years ago. He was a jolly good
fellow  and full of wisdom. That was why I always made out time to
advise him about life. However, one thing about him was that   he kept
secrets. Perhaps if he had told one about this, we would have mediated
on the payment.

“That fateful
night,  I sent my daughter to go and lock the gate, only for her to come
back to say Kunbi’s shop was still opened at that odd hour. I decided
to come down myself to lock the gate and still met the shop opened. I
was surprised because it was very much unlike him . He never kept late
nights nor lived a frivolous life. I decided to  go downstairs to  lock
the gate myself , with the intention that he would call when he
returned. A boy told me he left the shop at about 8pm and, when I asked
where he went to, he could not provide answer. I decided to call him on
the phone, only to discover it was ringing right in his shop. Two hours
later, I called the boy who said he saw Kunbi going out, to find out if
he was back but  he said no. At that moment, I knew something was wrong
and informed my husband.

To my
shock, after my morning devotion, I went out only to see a crowd
watching a lifeless body that was covered with nylon. On further
enquiry, it was the body of Kunbi!”.


about 1pm, that Friday, some policemen, from Alonge Oworo Division,
arrived the scene with the suspects, who were taken to the apartment
where the heinous crime was allegedly committed.  All of a sudden, a
crowd that had gathered descended on the suspects, to the amazement of
the policemen, attempting to carry out a jungle justice. But the move
was stopped by the firing of tear gas by the policemen.

Spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command, Joe Offor, a Deputy
Superintendent of Police, confirmed the incident, adding that
investigation was still ongoing.


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