How TB Joshua, Oyakhilome use demonic powers on church members’ – Bishop Peller

General Overseer of the Fingers of God Church, Lagos and son of the late renowned magician, Professor Peller, Bishop Kayode Joseph Abiola Peller has accused Chris Oyakhilome and TB Joshua of being magicians.

Peller said Joshua, Senior Pastor of The Synagogue Church of All Nations and Oyakhilome, Christ Embassy founder, their eyes with demonic powers in them to superimpose their thoughts into people.
This statement was made in a recent interview with  FLIP TV.
What I see Temitope Joshua do from my own magic experience is what we call mesmerism. It is also called hypnotism,” he explained.
claimed that while T. B. Joshua uses Kabballah magic to hypnotize his
congregation and the general public over his miracles, Chris
Oyakhilome’s association with Joshua makes him a suspect.
on Oyakhilome, Kayode said, “I used to believe Oyakhilome before. That
ended the day I saw him and Joshua doing miracles and castigating our
pastors, Ayo and Okonkwo.
“When you castigate these great men of God, you are no more for God. They do miracles but don’t know what they teach.
would say they use magic on their followers since I was a former
magician. I see in their actions hypnotism and seduction. I mean the way
we used to seduce our congregation; those that come to watch our magic
those days.
“I see mesmerism, hypnotism
and occult display in what they do. How can people jubilate over
atmosphere of miracles and before they get to the bus stop, the miracles
have gone. Miracles are not limited to atmosphere. God is in charge of
everywhere,” he added.
“They use the eyes
with the demonic power in them to superimpose their thoughts into
people. It happens, for most of those walking in the streets have very
weak spirits. For there is witchcraft ability in every man.
is what we call telepathising: I mean, when I see them do their drama
of healing while dancing from one side to another. I know its hypnotism.
“These are dangerous occultist words. Telepathising, hypnotism, occultism,
kabbalah magic are processes of ruling the minds of weaker men. It
could go to the length of seeing the magic maker in the dreams once the
weaker person allows the demonic spirit of the conjurer to influence his
Defending his criticism and assuring that he is not making accusations out of jealousy, he said, “Let
nobody think that I am jealous of them because their churches are big.
If I want to make mine big I know what to do. I am the son of Peller. I
know where things happen.
“I am not a
‘mugu’, to say the truth. They can’t fool me. I want to make heaven. I
don’t want my work to be a waste; for every work built on faulty
foundation, shall not stand the test of time.
of deceit, occultism and demonic power cannot stand the test of time
when the owner leaves. Jesus will deny them on that day.
“God only can say if Joshua is a real man of God. I don’t judge them; only God can do that.
“Having said all these, I have nothing against them. For I feel that nothing can be except God allows,” Bishop Kayode said.

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