“How photos and a bb pin exchange brought us together” – A captain and his maid of honour!

 This pretty bride-to-be Kande has just shared her love story and pre-wedding photos with us.
She met her man, Capt Raheem Ibrahim while playing the maid of honor at his sister’s wedding.

From the moment Raheem laid his eyes on her…everything changed, of course for good!
 “I noticed that all through, he kept taking photos of me…he need to get a hold of all the pictures taken of me led me to talk
to him and he promised to send them if I gave him my bb pin.
I did,
harmlessly but that wasn’t the end of the story evidently. He kept on
“asking me out”, I finally gave in to seeing him after a year of
persistent pressure to date him. Getting to know him has been the best
days of my life…. And am confident that this new phase in our lives will
be an intriguing journey. Who doesn’t love a uniformed man… Oh well, I

See more photos from their pre-wedding by Wall Imprint photography,  below: 


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