How Nigerians reacted to death of Former Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Sabundu Badeh

Mixed reaction have trailed the death of Former Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Sabundu Badeh who died from gunshot wounds he sustained after his vehicle was attacked while returning from his farm along Abuja-Keffi Road on Tuesday.

In varying reactions, some Twitter users wondered where the security guards of the Chief of staff were at the time of the incident.

Others while expressing shock, were of the opinion that if a former Chief of Defense staff could be assasinated in such manner, the country is not safe for other citizen.

Here are some comments:

“@prosper_ifficia,Air Vice Marshall Alex Badeh, Your death is a reminder of how unsafe Nigeria has become under the allegedly watchful eyes of the @PoliceNG and @MBuhari.This is so bad that it hurts me beyond measures

“@ignatua2009, “Nigeria @ crossroad,the gruesome murder of former Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh is worrisome. My sincere condolences to his family and our Armed Forces at this tumultuous time. May the Almighty God grant him eternal rest. Rest in Elysium Chief!.”

“@SOTS249, “We’re so caught up in APC/PDP sycophancy, we fail to realize that all federal structures are falling apart with each passing day. How does one explain the assassination of a former Chief of Defense Staff. If the military cannot defend her own, guess we’re doomed. #RIP Alex Badeh.”

“@sweetsshantel,”Late Bola Ige was a civilian, may his soul RIP & after 17yrs a former Chief of Defence Staff & a 4 General; Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh was assassinated under PMB & u called that progressive.Buhari has Failed.”

“@deezer234, “Alex badeh allegedly deprived the Nigerian Military of weapons and kept the money for himself.He is now dead from the insecurity he helped in establishing!Corruption affects everyone.. including those engaging in it as he allegedly did.”

@osi_suave, “This Alex Badeh thing is shocking. As former CDS he is entitled to armed guards until he dies. So how did this happen? RIP and my condolences to his family.”

@islimfit, “wow I just saw pictures of the reported murder scene of Nigeria’s Former Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh. They ambushed and murdered him like a common criminal. I thought as an ex CDS, he’s entitled to permanent personal armed security? Am I wrong.”

@jephphillips1, “Alex Badeh fueled insecurity, he was collecting N580M every month from military coffers after paying salaries, insecurity has taken his soul.I’m not sure what’ll happen to his soul and not even sure if I care.”

@seunakioye, “How can a former Chief of Defence Staff be killed like a common criminal on our highway. What is the hope of ordinary Nigerians then? OMG, this is unbelievable. RIP Air Chief Marshall Alex Badeh. You didn’t I deserve a death like this.”

@Taiwoalabiho2, “This is getting out of hands, Ex-chief of Defense Staff, Alex Badeh, has just beeN assassinated.Former defense boss assassinated? The level of insecurity in this country is on 0 level. Sad, too sad.”

@Maybeks, “ a whole Former Chief of Defence Staff and former Chief of Air Staff.Tomorrow, they would parade some miscreants as the killers, release them weeks after, and then the story dies.That’s how the Nigeria state treats her citizens. May Alex Badeh soul find rest.”

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