How I Nearly Lost My Sight During Auto Accident” – Actor Ayo Olaiya

A couple of months ago, popular Yoruba actor, Ayo Olaiya involved in a
ghastly auto accident somewhere around Agbado Area of Lagos and it was
so terrible.

The versatile actor, when he was asked by Source
about the recent auto accident that almost claimed his sight, Ayo
responded, “My auto accident story was very horrible. I was coming from a
movie location at Agbado crossing area of Lagos state. I was going for
another production meeting at Agege and suddenly, a motorcycle rider
crossed my car recklessly. In an attempt to avert a head-on collision
with the motorcyclist and save his life, I swerved my car off the road
and accidentally rammed into an electric poll beside the road. The
impact of the smash was devastating. Immediately, I lost consciousness,
only to wake up on the hospital bed after some hours. I thank God I’m
alive today with my two eyes because the accident nearly made me blind.

was later told that a good Samaritan took me to a nearby hospital with
the help of the producer of the movie I was actually going meet. He said
they immediately took me to the hospital.

I can’t really
remember the name of the hospital I was taken to because I was
unconscious. All that matters to me then was my sight. I spent just
3days at the hospital and the accident only affected my face. My sight
regained strength and I can see clearly now”, Olaiya exulted.


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