How I met and fell in love with Naeto C – Nicole Chikwe

I’m an ex-model and a beauty
entrepreneur. I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics, a certificate in
Business Accounting from the Chartered Institute of Management
Accountants and an MSc in Finance. I had a great childhood and I have a
very loving family. As a child, I read a lot of books and I was also
very sporty.

A close friend, Isoken Ogiemwonyi,
introduced me to modelling shortly after I earned my first degree and
moved back to Lagos. I had always been told I could become a model
because of my facial structure and height. She sent my photos to about
five modelling agencies and they all agreed to meet with me. That was
how I ended up in Beth Model Management. I modelled full-time for about
two years and I’m so proud of Nigerian models like Mayowa Nicholas. I
think there are so many opportunities for Nigerian models because our
fashion and beauty industries are growing rapidly. We definitely have
some of the best models in the world here in Nigeria, and hopefully the
world will get to see more of us very soon.
Although I have a background in Finance,
I love beauty and fashion. Nevertheless, deep down I’m a geek and I
love numbers. I think having a degree in Finance is useful in every
facet of life- from beauty to fashion to sports to even pharmacy. When I
was much younger, I dreamt of becoming a doctor and living in America
but that clearly didn’t happen. Most of all, I wanted to be happy and
settled. Thankfully, I’m currently living my dreams.
I have a lot of women who inspire me and
they include my mother Chinelo Chukwueke, because she is the kindest,
strongest and most beautiful woman in the world. Tara Fela-Durotoye,
because she has changed the landscape of the Nigerian beauty industry
forever and Isoken Ogiemwonyi, because she has a fine mind.
I currently own and run a beauty website
which is an insider’s guide to beauty secrets. I am also collaborating
with a brand to release a limited edition range of bath and body
products. I’m also working on developing a beauty app with my business
partner. Hopefully, it will be launched by the end of the second quarter
of this year.
A mutual friend introduced my
husband-Naeto C, and I to each other in July 2010. It definitely took a
while for us to get used to each other, especially as I was only 22 when
we met. But my hubby made it a seamless process for me because he is a
very down-to-earth person.
Sometimes I feel the pressure that comes
with being married to a celebrity. Most times, I don’t allow the
pressure get to me. I’m very comfortable with who I am and I don’t live
my life in other to get the approval of others. If I feel like dressing
up, I go all the way, but if I don’t- then I just don’t and I’m fine
with it.
I’m fun-loving person , open and very
friendly. My international style icons are Miranda Kerr, Kendall Jenner
and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley because I love their casual chic ‘model
off duty’ style. My Nigerian style icons are Lisa Folawiyo, Karen
Koshoni, Funke Fowler and my sister in- law, Fifi Umenyiora.
Beauty secrets
I have a somewhat clean diet and also
try to avoid eating carbohydrates.I also have a disciplined workout
schedule. In terms of fitness, I love high intensity interval trainings,
and I do that five to six times a week.
I would describe my style as casual
chic.I would never be caught dead wearing polo-style shirts. I would
only wear it to support a cause or an event but in my everyday life, I
would never ever wear one.
Faux pas
Some years ago, I wore only flats
irrespective of the event. Be it a wedding or a red -carpet event, I
would only wear comfortable flats and it is a terrible faux pas.

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